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A strong team of dedicated teachers has developed the curriculum of the South Bay German Language School. German is spoken in classrooms as much as possible.

In the Toddler Group, Preschool and Kindergarten, German is introduced through rhymes, games, finger plays, stories, and art. Using children books as well as audio and video materials imported from Germany, teachers create a wonderful learning environment filled with fun.

For the Toddler Group it is required that one parent is present in the class with the child at all times, or an authorized nanny or family member.

It is not required that the parent speaks German, however, the teacher will speak German with the kids most of the time. Whereas it helps with the children’s early language acquisition if the parents speak German with the child, it is not a requisite or requirement for enrollment or participation in the toddler class and we warmly welcome all parents whose native tongue is not German.

Classes from first grade through high school focus on conversation along with reading comprehension and writing. Students use textbooks and authentic German literature. All students are involved in role-plays and performances for our Christmas party, end-of-the-year party, and other activities. Upper level students participate in an annual essay contest sponsored by the Workman’s Educational Association and take the nationwide AATG test (American Association of Teachers of German) that is administered annually. Students are also prepared for the Advanced Placement (AP) test.

The adult classes concentrate on communication. Through discussions of current events, cultural issues, and customs of the German speaking countries, fluency in speaking is achieved. Grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic phrases, and German proverbs are introduced and continuously reviewed in textbooks, as well as through worksheets and grammatical games. The school sees homework as an essential part of learning and as an extension of classroom instruction. In advanced classes, weekly assignments will be given infrequently throughout the school year.

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