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Collection of other German related Internet Resources

These links were compiled and annotated by Santa Clara University students
enrolled in “German 112: Germany in the Media” (Winter 2011) as part of a community-based project in conjunction with SBDS.


Rating Rationale for this category:  Links are rated according to how engaging and well organized the website appears. Sites that offer a variety of articles useful for keeping engaged with current news in Germany are preferred. An important component for the rating is the overall reputation of the actual news source as well as its overall popularity (as measured by circulation figures).


Bild  («««)
News, politics, entertainment, sports (especially football), lifestyle, self-help guides, cars, games. Ages 17+.


Der Spiegel  («««)
One of Germany’s most popular new sources. Covers national and international news and politics, economics, lifestyle, and entertainment. Large archive of video-news reports available. Ages 17+.


Süddeutsche Zeitung  (««)
Politics, economy, finance, culture, sports, lifestyle, careers, media, cars. Ages 15+.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung  (««)
Politics, economy, features, sports, culture, finance, travel, self-help guides, cars, careers, art,    real estate. Ages 15+.


Die Welt  (««)
Politics, opinion, economy, finance, sports, science, health, culture, travel, cars, satire, games.  Ages 15+.

Berliner Zeitung  («)
Local news, politics, economy, culture, sports, science, stock market. Ages 15+.


Frankfurter Rundschau  (««)
Politics, economy, sports, culture, science, cars, media, travel, careers, real estate, local news.  Ages 15+

Der Tagesspiegel  (««)
Politics, local news, economy, sports, culture, world news, opinion, media, science. Ages 15+.

Die Tageszeitung  («)
Politics, the future, debate, lifestyle, sports, local news. Ages 15+.


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Rating Rationale for this category:  Links are rated in large part based on the amount of programming that is geared specifically for children. See individual descriptions for the approximate age-range recommended for each site.


Ohrenbär – Radiogeschichten für kleine Leute («««)
This website has radio stories for children, with different stories every day. This site is targeted   for children ages 9 and under.


Radio Teddy (««)
Radio station provides music programming for both children and adults. The news is simplified for younger listeners. Website has current news, games, as well as music, but is a bit disorganized.

KiRaKa - Kinderradiokanal  («««)
Very kid friendly, KiRaKa has games in addition to radio. Many other radio sites are linked back to KiRaKa.

Global Radio Kids (««)
Available in German and English, this station seeks to expose kids to music from all over the world. Strives to be educational and entertaining. Ages 9 and under.
RadiJoJo  («««)
Radio for kids, with attention to world news as well as music. Provides links to many German radio stations.

Bärenbude  (««)
Click on the radio to enter the radio part of the site. Bärenbude is a part of KiRaKa radio. For children.


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Rating Rationale for this category:  Links that are both educational and entertaining are given the highest ratings. Easy to use interface is also an important criterion. See individual descriptions for the approximate age-range recommended for each site.


Spielraum  (««)
Six different activities for children in German. The activities include printable coloring pages sound-based puzzles about animals and musical instruments. Ages 3-6.


Hello-World German:  Deutsch  («««)
A variety of activities such as bingo, printable matching card games, songs, dialogue and much more. It has really fun categories to choose from; the activities are interactive and really help  learning! Ages 3-6.


German Autobahn (Flash game)  («««)
This is a racing game the instructions are in German which makes it fun. Not much learning takes  place with this game however it is a fun game to get children interested in the German culture. Ages 7-11.


Primary Games Arena  (««)
Learning game for young children. Requires listening to German vocabulary and identifying the English equivalent. Ages 4-7.


Primary Games Arena  (««)
This is a vocabulary game, focused on learning the names of clothing. It seems appropriate for children ages 3-6.

GenkiGerman  («««)
This is a fun game for very young children. It focuses on learning how to say basic needs, i.e. “I am hungry, I am thirsty.” It also teaches the numbers one through ten, how to introduce yourself and how to say thank you and good bye, all through the use of songs. This is a good way for little ones to start learning German. Ages 3-6.

Memory Spiel  («««)
This game for older children tests knowledge of German pronouns as well as intermediate  vocabulary. You can do crossword puzzles, word search games, and many more puzzles. Ages 12-15.

Educational Freeware  (««)
This is a website that has children’s games, aimed at ages 3-10, that runs in many languages,    including German. Some of the games include memory games, matching sounds to animals,            finding letters in a maze, and practicing writing simple words in German.  Python 2.1 or higher   needs to be installed in order to play these games.


Kinder Campus («««)
This is a website completely auf Deutsch and has a wide variety of games. They are separated   into categories including sport, action, strategy, drawing, top 10, and some trial games. Ages 4-10.


Helles Köpfchen  (««)
This is a website auf Deutsch aimed at children ages 5-10.  Kids can play games such as Tetris and also take quizzes about subjects from dinosaurs to Harry Potter.


Junge Klassik  («)
This website deals with music and the German language. Kids can put together instruments from a picture and the program shows what each part is called in German. Ages 8-15.


The Sims teach German («««)
This website has the popular game called “The Sims,” a virtual reality where kids have their own 3-dimensional character and live in a virtual world where they control their character and learn German vocabulary while they play.  Game needs to be downloaded. The intended age group for this game is teenage to adult.


International Café  («)
This is a website that shows you menu items in various languages, including German, and one must pick between two choices on a menu in that language, picking the correct meal. 
 Ages 8-12.


Abroad Languages  (««)
Games for children including crossword puzzles, Hangman, and word searches. The topics of  these games can vary from animals to the weather and furniture.  Ages best suited for this site are 6-12.

Online Real Games  («)
This is a website that has games for children that help them practice with numbers, animals,  puzzles, and a gem game.  This website is for kids ages 4-8.


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Rating Rationale for this category:  Ratings are based on the range and depth of material provided on each individual site. See individual descriptions for the approximate age-range recommended for each site.


Kindersuppe ABO  («)

Materialien zum Spielen, Lernen und Basteln. Sparen Sie wertvolle Zeit und Geld.


Mä  («««)
Fairytales from the Brothers Grimm, Ludwig Bechstein, and Johann Wilhelm Wolf.  Ages 8-12.

Märchen im Internet  (««)
A huge assortment of short fairytales perfect for young readers ages 6-9.

ZZ Zebra  («««)
Beautifully designed site with many games, songs, stories and craft activities for children and    their teachers.  («««)
Large website with interactive quizes, games, and stories. Also has offers fun recipies and crafts or children and parents to do together. Eine unabhängige Kinderseite, ist für kleine und große Leute gestaltet.


My Story  (««)
Over 20,000 short stories that will keep children of all ages entertained with its interactive interface.  Stories range from picture books to mystery books.  All Ages.  (««)
Many books with and without pictures are available.  Ages 5-12.


Bauer Huberts  («««)
Short sorties following the adventures of Bauer Hubert and his friends.  The stories teach people to be environmentally conscious. Ages 7-12.


Sowieso - Nachrichten fuer Kinder  (««)
Online magazine with news reports from Germany.  Ages 12+.


Der Kinder Kurier - Nachrichten für neugierige Kids  («««)
Video and article based news magazine that allows kids to read and see the news in German! Ages 12+


Kinderzeitschriften!  (««)
Magazine about animals, sports and even magic!  Ages 7+.


Bären Blatt!  (««)
German news website for kids.  Ages 10+.


TK Logo («««)
News reports range from politics to health.  Each article has a suggest age for the reader.  Ages 7+.


Die Kunterbunte Kinderzeitung  (««)
This magazine can be read online or downloaded for reading on the go! Ages 6+.


Hanisauland Politik Für Dich  («««)
A very interactive website with comics and games that is sure to keep many of the younger kids entertained.  It also has news reports, book and movie reviews.  Ages 5+.


Kinderbunt  (««)
Kinderbunt is a website that has a variety of activities for kids in German. This link is to the children’s stories. While the stories are aimed at a very young age group, the German is fairly  complex, meaning that if one is not a native speaker of German they could potentially be      difficult to comprehend. Stories come from a variety of authors.


Kinder alles für Kids  (««)
This site contains a list of children’s stories that are generally 2 pages in length, by different  authors. There is also another section of the site for songs for children and other interactive material. Only downside is that there is a pretty fair amount of ads.


Kindergeschichten - Märchen  (««)
This site provides a large index of children’s stories. Some of them fall into a series, but many   are independent from a variety of authors. The stories are for both kids and adults, and are  perfect for those learning German as the sentence structures in the stories are not too complex.


Axel's Kindergeschichten  (««)
This site is run by a guy named Axel. He has a few categories of short children’s stories as well as other activities on the site. The reading level is perfect for younger kids or adults learning German.


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Rating Rationale for this category:  These links are rated according to how fun, useful and engaging they are for practicing German language skills in a variety of ways. Flexibility and depth of the resources were also taken into account.


Alphabet Garten  («««)
Purchase German children’s Books, CDs and DVDs without the high cost of shipping from overseas!   The variety of items Alphabet Garten offers includes books for children of all ages and reading levels, educational materials for learning German and learning to read, CDs for music and audiobooks, DVDs of films and TV series, and magazines. Also offers free educational materials, study guides and articles about raising bi-lingual children.
Alphabet Garten's website also offers a Summer Reading Program to help build the habit of reading in German and to make it fun.


Audible  («««) is a place to download audio books, with all types of genres and for any age group.  There is a small monthly fee to access the audio books (similar to Netflix).


Deutsche Welle World  («««)
Besides offering German news and videos auf Englisch, this website has a fantastic German review program that covers a wide range of levels. To access it on the site, go to German Courses > Learning German > Deutsch Interaktiv.


Verbix   (««)

This site contains verb conjugations for German and other languages, ranging from national and international languages to regional and even extinct languages.


Lokalisten  («««)
A virtual social network similar to Facebook, but in German.  A great way to keep in contact with friends and family members in Germany. Must register (free) to become a member.


ELanguageschool  (««)
Learn German online.  Includes German language basics as well as grammar lessons, words and phrases, example letters, fairy tales, and practice dialogue. 


Deutsch lernen  («««)
A great way to learn German online for free.  Includes beginner German lessons, advanced German lessons, German practice tests, German jokes, German quotes, and much more. A great way to keep up on your German! German Language  («)
Includes German grammar tips, German lessons, an Audio Language Lab and more.


Quizlet  («««)
A great way to practice your German vocabulary! Practice your vocabulary by using the vocabulary cards covering all sorts of subjects (more than 10,000 pre-made sets!) or customize     and make your own. When you’re done, test yourself. Educational games also included.


Das Erste Deutsche Fernsehen (ARD) Mediathek  («««)
The website from the first channel of German public television. Includes shows, podcasts, and current news.


Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) Mediathek  («««)

The website from the second channel of German public television. Includes shows, podcasts, and current news.


Many of the links on this page were compiled and annotated by Santa Clara University students enrolled in “German 112: Germany in the Media” (Winter 2011) as part of a community-based

project in conjunction with SBDS.


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